Videos for Stripe Merchants

Promo Video

A brief overview of features for Stripe merchants.

Full Demo Video

This screencast demonstrates the Merchant Mail Gmail Add-on, which allows Stripe merchants to run their business and handle customer support requests directly within Gmail.

Note that Merchant Mail was formally known as Conversant Commerce and this demo video uses the old name.

In this scenario, we’ll respond to a customer that has a subscription and has replied to a Stripe invoice email.

The customer asks to cancel their subscription. This is a fairly normal request which we can handle easily enough within the Stripe app. But it can be fairly tedious, and error-prone, to make note of the subscription details, switch to the Stripe app, look up the subscription and then make the requested change.

With the Merchant Mail add-on installed, we can make these changes directly within Gmail.

Based on the email you’re viewing, Merchant Mail automatically looks up the relevant information. That’s the magic. We didn’t have to do anything, aside from open an email, and all the context we need is right in front of our eyes.

We can click on the invoice to see the invoice details. Here, we can mark the invoice as paid, close the invoice or take a few other actions.

But in this case, the customer has asked us to cancel the entire subscription, so we’ll go back to the Customer and click on the Subscription.

Now we just need to click “Cancel Subscription” and decide whether it should cancel immediately or at the end of the current period.

Click CONFIRM and we’re done.

We’ve addressed a common customer request in record time.

There’s a lot more you can do. From capturing payments to canceling orders. Merchant Mail will save you time.