Gmail Add-on for Shopify Merchants

Save time on customer support.

See Shopify customer and order information within Gmail so that you have the context needed to respond to customers quickly.

Handle common customer requests, like fulfilling or refunding an order, directly within Gmail. What will you do with all the time you save?

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Works with Gmail and G Suite.

Order Management

When a customer replies to an order confirmation email, we automatically show the relevant order details in Gmail. Never waste time searching for orders again! You can also perform the following order management operations directly in Gmail.

Order Operations

  • Cancel orders
  • View payment details
  • Restock items
  • Archive orders
  • Unarchive orders

Payment Operations

  • Capture payments
  • Refund payments

Fulfillment Operations

  • Fulfill orders
  • View fulfillment details
Order detail card
Order detail card.

Customer Management

We also display relevant customer details for any emails you receive. This includes a list of the customer's previous orders and payments.

Customer Operations

  • Edit customer details
  • View all orders
  • View all payments
  • Create new customers
Customer detail card
Customer detail card.

Customer Testimonials

"So helpful and a time saver. Definitely worth the cost... If you use Gmail and Shopify to run your business this app is a must!"

"Having to go between gmail and shopify was a time killer. This app allows me to instantly know in gmail everything my customer has bought from me and how much, which allows me to personalize my responses and fix any issues quickly... AWESOME APP."

"This little app is super handy and the support is great. Honestly don't know how I survived before I found it... Kinda a must-have no brainer if you use gmail and shopify. Very well programmed and seamless add-on that just improves functionality and life."


We offer a free plan that lets you view your Shopify store data within Gmail. Our paid plans provide access to our time-saving features and allow you to link additional Gmail accounts to your store.

All of our paid features are free to use during a 14-day free trial after installing our Shopify app.

  • See relevant content
  • 2 Gmail accounts
  • Manage customers
  • Manage orders
  • See relevant content
  • 5 Gmail accounts
  • Manage customers
  • Manage orders
  • See relevant content
  • Unlimited Gmail accounts
  • Manage customers
  • Manage orders

All prices in USD.


This product is currently available within Gmail on the desktop and on Android devices. Support for iOS devices is coming soon.

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