Viewing invoice details

The customer card includes a section that lists all invoices for a customer.

Customer invoices
Customer invoices section.

Click on one of the invoices to see the full details for the invoice.

Stripe invoice card
Stripe invoice card.

The invoice details card includes:

  • Payment status of the invoice
  • Description of invoice (if a description exists for this invoice)
  • Date at which the invoice was created
  • Date at which the invoice is due (if not already paid or forgiven)
  • The period of the invoice (for subscriptions)
  • Billing method
  • List of line items

Depending on the payment status of the invoice, you may also see options to:

  • Close invoice
  • Open invoice
  • Mark invoice as paid
  • Forgive invoice

Also note that you can click on the More Actions menu to reveal a list of additional actions you can take on the invoice.

More actions on invoice card
More actions menu on invoice details.

You'll always be able to edit the description for an invoice and open the invoice in the Stripe Dashboard.