Viewing customer details

When reading an email in Gmail, the Merchant Mail add-on will automatically show relevant customer and order information. If the email is associated with both an order and a customer, the add-on will display a card for each.

Customer and order cards
Customer and order cards.

Click on the Stripe Customer card to see full customer details. If we cannot find any orders, but the email is associated with a customer, then the add-on shows the customer details automatically.

Stripe customer card
Stripe customer card.

The customer details card includes:

  • Email address
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Note
  • List of customer's orders
  • List of customer's payments
  • List of customer's subscriptions
  • List of customer's invoices
  • List of customer's credit cards
  • List of customer's bank acccounts

You can click on many of these things to see more details. For instance, clicking on an order shows additional details for the order.

Also note that you can click on the More Actions menu to reveal a list of additional actions you can take on the customer.

More actions on customer card
More actions menu on customer details.