Returning orders

Orders can be returned by clicking on the Return button in the status section of the order card. This button is only shown if the order has been fulfilled. Alternately, you can click Return Order from the actions menu.

More actions menu on order details
More actions menu on order details.

All line items in the order will be returned by default.

Return all items in the order
Refund all items in the order.

However, you can choose to return only some items in the order by toggling the Return All Items selector. Then choose the quantity of items to return. If you do not wish to return an item, simply leave the quantity at zero.

Return all items in the order
Refund some items in the order.
Click Return Order to finish. Stripe will automatically refund the returned amount and you'll see the updated order details.

Returned order
A returned order.

If an order has been returned, you'll see the dollar amount returned and a Details button that can be clicked to see additional details about each return.