Creating customers

There are two ways to create a customer through the Merchant Mail Gmail add-on.

Creating a customer when one does not exist for an email

Merchant Mail automatically looks up Shopify customers based on the sender of the email you are reading. If there are no customers with a matching email address, you'll be given the option to create a new customer.

No Customer exists with email
Create a customer when there is no match.

Click on Create Customer and enter the customer details. We automatically fill in the name and address based on the email you are reading.

New Customer
New customer details.

Click the Save button to create a new Shopify customer.

Note: If you wish to send account invite emails (also known as account activation emails) when creating a customer, then you must enable account invites through the settings menu. Once that is done, you'll see an extra option when creating customers.

New Customer send account invite switch
Send account invite switch.

Creating a customer through the More Actions menu

You can also create a customer at any time, though the More Actions menu.

Merchant Mail more actions menu
More actions menu.