What's new In August 2018

Don't miss these updates and new features from August 2018.

We're now Merchant Mail

A big company with expensive lawyers forced us to change our name, so we're now called Merchant Mail. You may still see the occasional reference to the old name (Conversant) but everything will be updated soon.

Shopify Admin Links

Have you ever been looking at a customer in Shopify and wanted to pull up all the emails you've exchanged with that customer?

In the past, you had to open Gmail and search for the customer by email, being careful not to typo the email address. It wasn't the hardest thing to do but it also is a little tedious and time consuming.

Well now we've made it easier than ever. Just open the Actions when looking at a customer in Shopify admin and click on View Gmail Messages.

Order Line Item Properties

Shopify lets you collect custom information for products using line item properties. This can be really handy since it allows you to set arbitrary data for a line item, anything at all that is specific to your business. To quote the Shopify documentation:

"Line item properties are custom form fields that you can add to the product page, allowing customers to make choices or add information about a product."

Now you can see line item properties directly in the Merchant Mail Gmail add-on. When looking at an order in Merchant Mail, just click on one of the line items and you'll see all of its properties.

Note: this feature is only available for paid accounts and free trials.

That's it for this month. Have another idea on how we can save you time? Just let us know!